Whic Pen Is Better For A Writer, Ball Pen Or Gel Or Ink Pen?

Every writer has, his or her own favorite pen, which one is yours? Yes, some writers prefers, to write with gel pen and some, with ink pen. And, some, have their choice, altogether different from above, as ball pen. So, everybody has their own choice; but do you know, which type of pen, is better, for which writer?
Whic Pen is Better for a Writer, Ball Pen or Gel or Ink Pen?
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Well that depends on, which writing style; a writer follows and what is his or her writing speed? Yes, different types of pen; suits to, different writing styles and to, different writing speeds. Based on that here comes, guidance on-

Which writer should use Ink pen?

Those writers, who-

  • have slow writing speed and
  • who loves to writes, in artistic style or cursive writing style; they should use, ink pen.
  • Because, if you have ink pen, you have to write with, slow speed; to avoid its nib, getting break. And writers, who loves to write; with slow writing speed, have no objection to it. They
    use this, slow writing speed ink pen. with their will; so that their artistic style or cursive writing style, words can be beautifully, written on paper.
  • Yes, it is one of the main outstanding feature, of ink pen that its nib is designed in such a way that when you write cursive writing with it; that gets beautifully written. on paper with it.

Which writers should use Gel Pen?

Gel pen is a pen, which you can say, is advanced type of ink pen; in which you do not have to fill, ink again and again and there is no fear of, leakage of ink, from back side.

  • But like, you have to take care of nib not getting broke, with ink pen; same, yes, you have to take care, with gel pen. The only difference is that its nib is made ball pen style; so your writing speed, becomes little bit increased, with gel pen and also there, is no hassle of filling, ink again and again.
  • But, there is no comprise with, fine style writing; with gel pen. It
    means that you can also write, good with gel pen; but if you want best result, in cursive writing; then quality of cursive writing, from ink pen is best.

Which writers should use Ball pen?

Ball pen is for, those writers-

  • who have, less time to complete their writing assignment and have to write, with fast writing speed. And with, ball pen, you can easily write with fast speed; as their is no tension of, nib of pen, getting broken with fast speed.
  • The second best, greatest feature of ball pen is that it is cost effective than above 2 types of pen; for a writer.
  • And, third ultimate feature of ball pen, which none of the above 2 pen has is that words, which you write with it, on paper; does not get washed with water, which happens, in case of ink, of gel pen and ink pen.


Conclusion remark-

is the gel pen is good, for cursive writing and ink pen is best, for cursive writing; but ball pen gives, best results in giving, best fast writing speed.

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  • nbillett  01-10-2018
    I have never used an ink pen. I have used gel pen and ball pens. I prefer medium point as well. Also for gel pens I do not like when the ink runs or the writing leaves a smear.
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  • nikhilnellikkot  08-05-2015
    I like gel pens, though nowadays I use more ball pens.
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