How Many Ways You Can Promote Your Quality Articles?

As there are tips to write quality articles; similarly, there are 5 ways or way tips to promote articles.

In last article, I told you, why it is necessary to promote your articles, today I will tell you promotional ways to promote your quality written and quality formatted articles.

Yes, today I will highlight you, how many ways you can promote your articles. There are lots of ways to promote articles, but implying the ways, using the ways with best quality results is best option to promote written articles, enriched with quality.

So, the 5 different ways, with which you can promote your awesome quality written articles with quality results are-

1. Promotional way number one- First, promotional way which comes itself

to you, when you submit your articles for publication, but you ignore it often. What this way is? This way is to use backlinks. Yes, each article you publish, give in end of it link to one of your previous article. But, remember, give just one to three backlink, as giving more than three back links will give your begging impression to reader. So, just give one back link or three back links at end of your article and not more than three. More than three back links also confuse reader to choose among and also gives begging impression.

2. Promotional way number two- Second way of promoting your articles is your writing profile, which most of your article writing websites provide.

3. Promotional way number three- Third way of promoting your articles is having one column dedicated to popular articles and one to recent articles, if you are publishing your articles on your own website or blog. Then,

you can give links to your popular articles, with short summery in one column and recent articles in another column in sidebar of your website or blog; which loads at every page of your website and blog along with your articles.

4. Promotional way number four- Fourth way of promoting your article is positing or publishing or sharing back links to your articles in your work profile at LinkedIn in status updates.

5. Promotional way number five- Fifth way of promoting your article best is, posting back links to your article along with short status summary in various social networking websites. The best one of these websites are Google+, Facebook, twitter, my space and scoop it. You can use all of them or which one gives you best results.

So, these were all those different ways, which you can use to promote your articles and brief disussion on how to use them, but do you know-

How to Write Well Formatted Article?

Why Promoting your articles as Important as writing quality Articles?

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  • nikhilnellikkot  08-05-2015
    Thank you for the informative article.
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  • Kan  06-08-2014
    That is a good piece of information to writers. Thanks
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  • pruelpo  06-08-2014
    This is interesting and informative one. If you were asked me, I have eight ways to promote our quality articles across the net like:

    • Promote articles by using its URL links
    • Even if the articles have no tags they can be still be marketed across the Internet - use the permalink
    • Creativity on marketing articles is also needed
    • You can promote articles by using your profile user name
    • You can market you articles by submitting your profile user name to search engines
    • Take sometimes to expose your old published articles
    • You can maximize the use of Google, Facebook and Pinterest for this purpose
    • and by turning your articles into photo articles is another way to promote them across the net
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  • abshahid3  05-08-2014
    very informative article as it provides easy steps to increase the popularity of one's forward to more of your articles
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Why Promoting Your Articles As Important As Writing Quality Articles?
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