Which Writing Technique, I Follow During Expertscolumn Writing Contests?

In 1 of the former articles of, “Quality Articles” Blog, of ExpertsColumn.com, I discussed various writing techniques; which different writers follow. From that article, you know different types of, writing techniques; to win writing contests.
Which Writing Technique, I Follow during ExpertsColumn Writing Contests?
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But in today's article, I will discuss writing technique; which I follow, whether contest is going on or not. But, as every writer change, his or her writing technique, from time to time; similarly I too changed my writing technique, from time to time.

But, as I changed my writing technique; on seeing their results, now I am sticked to, writing technique which suits me because after seeing results of, every writing technique I learned 1 thing that every technique, does not suit everybody because everybody has their, own threshold limit. So now, I am sticked to, writing technique; which suits

to, threshold limit of my body.

The various writing techniques, which I followed from time to time; are given below-

1) Earlier I followed rabbit technique-

Yes earlier I followed, rabbit technique to write and submit articles; then whether, any writing contest is going on or not. It was my, own personal writing technique or you can say, my writing habit.

  • What is rabbit technique that I have told in my previous article; but if you somehow missed it; then link to that article, I am giving in bottom of this article and quick brief of this technique I am giving here.
  • Rabbit technique is that first I write maximum, set of article; I can write in a day, then submit all of them, on next day.

2) After that I followed, Tortoise technique-

But, when I started taking part, in ExpertsColumn.com contests; in initial contests, I keep sticking to my rabbit technique. But in middle, writing contests of this year, on ExpertsColumn.com; I changed my writing technique, from rabbit to tortoise; after seeing that winner writers, are following this technique and winning with this technique.

  • So after seeing, winning results of this technique; I thought, why not I give it a chance, why not try it?
  • So I tried it, but it does not suit me; as it does not give me, those winning results.

And why did not, it give me winning results; when it is giving, winner writer's winning results?

  • The reason for it is that in tortoise technique, you need to first write; maximum number of articles, on 6 days of week and then submit them, on 7th day of a week; but it removes motivation, to write maximum set of articles, in my case.
  • Yes this technique, suits winner writers because their writing

    motivation, comes from writing maximum number of articles, on all 6 days of a week.
  • But, in my case, writing motivation comes, after submitting written articles. Because when I do not submit- those written articles; there comes secured feeling that I have set of articles, written as back up; which decreases writing output, as it removes writing motivation; which comes from, lack of written articles after submitting all written articles, in my case.

But, in rabbit technique, which I used to follow earlier; there remains writing motivation factor because a set of articles I write on first day and then submit them on 2nd day; then I have nothing to submit on 3rd day. So this lack of articles, automatically gives writing motivation signal to brain; to write next set of maximum articles.

3) Now, I am back to my rabbit technique-

Yes, after seeing results of, tortoise writing technique; now I am back to, my rabbit technique because tortoise speed does not suit me; as it is decreasing my article writing output per day.

  • It suits only those, who gets motivated from writing maximum articles, on all 6 day of a week; but of no use to those, who gets motivated from, submitting maximum number of articles, written on 1st day; on 2nd day of week and not on last day, of week that is, on 7th day of a week.


Which writing technique, you should follow?

So, now you got, these writing techniques are brain techniques; which motivates your mind, to write maximum number of articles. And guess what, this brain technique, you need to ask nobody; your body threshold limit, told you about it. So follow, your body threshold limit because that is, that writing technique, which suits you and keeps your writing motivation, factor alive.

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