Writing Website Is Like An Educational Institution

Yes, this year I feel writing websites are like educational institutes. Yes, earlier I have neither felt it, nor noticed this fact; if we closely look or finely notice, then a writing website appear like an educational institution.

But, how writing websites resembles to an educational institution? Well, that you will come to know; as you will read rest of article below:-

Webmaster is principle –

Yes, webmaster of the website is like principle; who controls both moderators, as well as writers of writing website. Yes, like principle controls the teachers and students in school; similarly webmaster controls teachers and writers of writing website and give working commands to them and approves and disapproves their work.

Google is educational university or board –

So, if webmaster is principle; then what are governing laws, because every school or college principle follow some governing

laws; which an educational board or educational university has set for each school or college to follow.

  • Well governing law here, in case of writing website are search engines. Google here is an Education University or board, which controls various writing websites and given them some governing laws; set by governmental authorities to follow.

Moderators are teachers –

 Well, if webmaster is principle and Google is educational university or board; then, who are teachers of writing websites? Well, teachers of a writing website are moderators of writing website; who follow the commands of webmaster principle and also check work of writers and approves and disapproves their work.

Writers are students –

Well, webmaster’s role I have told you; moderator’s role I have told you; what role writers play in a writing website? Well, they play role of students, in a writing website. They are content creators, who contributes maximum content to

writing websites.

  • Their content work, moderators check, approves and disapproves; which further goes for evaluation to webmaster principle; who do final check, approve or disapproves the content work.

Syllabus is niche of your choice –

Well, if writing websites are like educational institutions; then, there must be syllabus; which they have given to writers. What is syllabus here? Well, that is exciting part here.

  • Syllabus is not binding here, like in a school that you have to study, a particular set of subjects and you can choose only subject of your choice in college or in +1 class. No, it is not like that in writing websites, syllabus there is of your choice; you can choose syllabus of your choice. That is, syllabus here is niche of your choice, on which you want to write articles.

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