Writing Contest Of Expertscolumn A Big Stimulus For Writers

Yes, ExpertsColumn's writing contest is a big stimulus for writers.

Yes, we all writers know form paying rules of pay per view writing websites that more views your each published article has, more earnings you make. That means, more published articles you have, total views your total articles have multiply.

But, still after knowing this multiplication theory, we writers in some day of months go to resting zone and stop writing articles or stop submitting written articles in your notepad or in your word excel file. And, become victim of writer's block once in a while in a moth and in a year.

But, this ExpertsColumn's writing contest remind you of old

school days where you have 1st topper student, 2nd topper student and 3rd topper student and their respective prizes too according to their marks. In school time too, these 1st topper trophy, 2nd winner trophy and 3rd winner trophy dream of certain students, provoke them to study more.

Similar, do is the writing contest of ExpertsColumn which stimulates the dreamy writers of ExpertsColumn, who have dream of coming 1st position winner, 2nd position winner or 3rd position winner to win the cash prize of 1st winner, 2nd winner or 3rd winner postion of ExpertsColumn writing contest. It woke them up from their sleepy state into working state and stimulates them to write more in their working state and motivates them to submit more articles.

Naturally, cash prize which ExpertsColumn webmaster has set is really stimulating. Although, we all know that publishing more articles make us earn more; but as we are not bound by time limit to publish those articles we writers go into quiet sleep state. And, submit no articles. But, this writing contest, no doubt also ask us to publish more articles to win cash prize then what

is difference
? Here also in this contest we are publishing more articles and competitive zeal is also there as is without contest.

What is the difference then, between "with contest competitive zeal" and "without contest competitive zeal"? Without contest, also there is competitive zeal of which writer more earn by more published articles, but they earn their only from articles pay per view rule. But, in this contest, writer earns additional money for publishing maximum articles along with money writer earns from those articles according to pay per view rules.

  • And, one more additional thing, this contest is bound by a time limit of fixed days. Consequently, it automatically create a writing enthusiasm in every writer's mind and wake him or her up from slow speed to fast improved speed to write and submit more and more articles for publication. As, they have to submit those articles in fixed time limit to earn maximum article cash prizes, so, it naturally increases writing and submission speed of each writer.
  • Second thing, there are also cash prizes, if you do not reach 1st maximum article postion some how, but got 2nd or 3rd position, you still earn cash prize alloted for postion you got, 2nd or 3rd.

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