Why Promoting Your Articles As Important As Writing Quality Articles?

Today, I will told you why to promote articles?

In previous articles, I told you about how to write quality article, how to write well written and well formatted article. Yes, like I said before in above articles to gain good readership, there is need to write good article with utmost qualities and with nicely formatted and nicely written content. But, that does not mean that you forget promoting your articles because that is also equally important in gain more readership.

So, topic of today is, "Why it is important to promote your quality articles?" Yes, why promoting your articles as equally important as writing quality articles?

The one reason for

it I have given in 1st paragraph of article, but summarizing it here with rest of reasons highlighting, why promoting your quality written articles as important as writing them with quality are-

1. Number one reason- which I have already given above is that it increases readership of your article like quality written content increases. And, I think there is no harm in increasing readership for any author, as it will benefit them with more earnings, if you are earning through pay per view method. So, more readership which your articles get from promoting articles, result in more views which ultimately result in bonus of increased earnings.

2. Second reason for promoting your articles- is to make your article reach to people. But, when quality written article is bringing readership, then why it is necessary to promote them? It is necessary because the readership

you are having with quality written content is limited. And, on internet lot of quality articles are published every second. So, reader has huge options for a subject or topic on which quality written article he or she searches.

  • No doubt, you have very good quality written article, reader is searching; but internet search engine give them lots of option along with your article to choose from as internet is flooded with lots of quality articles as well as non-quality articles. So, to make your article come in top searches among other articles, when reader search them in search engine is possible, when you article got good search engine rank and promoting your articles make it good rank article by increasing its readership.
  • And, by promoting, now your article have not limited readership, on opposite it now have unlimited readership due to its coming in top searches.

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