Which Return Gifts Taking Part In Expertscolumn Weekly Contests Will Give You Back?

Yes, you read it right; today I will give my take on weekly contest of ExpertsColumn.com. In earlier months, there were going on ExpertsColumn monthly contests; but in this month, of October 2014; there is running 4 weekly contests scenario.
Which Return Gifts taking part in ExpertsColumn Weekly Contests will Give you Back?
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Yes, this time contest scenario is different. This time, there will be one contest each week; 2 has been finished; 1 is going on and 1 will run in next week. This time, not only contest time span is reduced, from a month to a week; but also, prize distribution scenario is also changed. Earlier, there were announced 3 winners; but now, there will be only 1 winner; who will win the cash prize. As in video games, after winning 1st challenge; next challenge, you are given to win is usually little bit more challenging; similar do is the, weekly

contests of ExpertsColumn.com; because of less time span to complete.

So, here comes, my opinion or my take on, what taking part in ExpertsColumn Weekly Contest; will give you back-

1) Increase your article writing speed per week-

As, I said above, the time span to win the weekly contest is less than that of monthly writing contest; so, it has automatically given more challenging spirit to contest. Now, if you want to win the contest; then you have to increase your article writing speed; so that you can win the weekly contest. So, whether you win the weekly contest or not; but, it will definately increase your article writing speed per week.

2) Increase your creative ideas generating speed per week-

Like the way, it increases article writing speed of author; similar do, it increases creative ideas generating speed. To write more number of articles, you need more article topics to write on. And, to have more article topics to write on; this automatically starts searching for more article topics and you automatically start thinking of more creative ideas to keep each article unique from other. So, it automatically increases your creative ideas generating speed per week; as when, you come in writing mode with a winning challenge; then there automatically comes lot of creative ideas in mind, to make each article more unique.

3) Increase your monthly income

from article writing-

This benefit, I do not need to tell you; because you must have calculated, from calculation of each week’s wining cash prize money; that how much extra earnings benefit you will have from these weekly contests of ExpertsColumn. If you win the weekly contests; then it will increase your monthly income, by adding prize money won; to your pay per view earnings.

  • But, if you do not win the weekly contests; then still, it increases your monthly income; from additional pay per view earnings, you earn from writing extra articles during weekly contests. Because otherwise, you do not write so much articles; as many you write in contest period. And, according to SEO tip; more the number of articles you write, more the pay per view total earnings you earn.

4) Make you more active writer and prevents writer’s block from occurring-

Yes, weekly writing ExpertsColumn contest, will surely make you more active writer; by arising wining spirit in you. You will ask, how this wining spirit, make a writer more active writer? Well this, I do not need to tell you. You know very well that to win the weekly EC contests, you need to write more number of articles.

  • And, writing more number of articles per week, will make you what? It will make you more active writer; you will be writing and submitting, more number of article per week. And, this as result will save a writer from writer’s block; by generating more creative ideas in writer’s mind.

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