Which Article Is Called Well Written Article?

Which article is called well written article, is question asked by many writers; especially new comers, who are not yet fluent with writing zone. Yes, who are new comers in field.

But, that does not mean that old writers does not commit mistakes. Sometimes old writers do commit mistakes when they are writing thought out on paper so enthusiastically that often mistakes happen, when old writer forget to correct them.

So, in nut shell both type of writers whether new or old commit mistakes. But, affirmatively, it is noticed that the mistakes done by new writers are more. But, that does not mean to be sad because it is not like that this problem cannot be corrected. Yes, this problem can be corrected by timely editing your articles before submitting for publishing.

Just do a spell check, grammatical check and correct the mistakes done.

Correcting your mistakes in written piece can make your article well written. But, what actually is called well written article? The article with following qualities is called well written article-

a) Number one quality- The article which contains no spelling mistakes is called well written article. No uncertainty article with spelling mistakes is also called good written. But, article which contains no writing mistakes, not even a single is called very well written.

b) Second quality- which makes a article well written, is the message which article meant to convey as title says, is also awarded the award of well written article. But, if the title of article conveys something else and article body content conveys or message or opinion something else, not related to title of article then; that article is called very badly written.

  • For example, title of article is on movie review and you are giving boat review

    totally different from article title; then that is called very badly written article piece and in fact, such kind of writing is tagged as having no writing sense.

c) Third quality- which make an article to be awarded well written award is appropriately grammar proof content. Yes, the article without any grammatical mistakes is also called very well written article.

d) Fourth quality is writing flow- Yes, article if so written that it does not break curiosity flow of readers and makes reader read it fully, then it is called very well written work piece. Ask yourself, when you say very well written? When an article is so written that you feel like reading more of it and not taking a breaking thought of changing to or moving to next article and not leaving it in mid.

  • But, if it makes you to move to next article, just after 1st few paragraphs or lines, then you know what tag it deserves and that tag is badly written and boring.

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