Things I Learnt From My Fellow Writers On Expertscolumn

Yes, it is fact while reading work of other writers or of follow writers, we do learn different type of things from them.

One thing we learn from them is information they have directly given in their articles or their books. Yes, the information which they have given in their writing work in their articles or their books; we do learn lot of things from information which their whole writing work gives. So, this is one kind of thing we learn from their work, through information which they have given in their work.

What other kind of things we do learn from other writers?

Other kind of things we do learn from other writers varies from writer to writer. Well, what these things are, I

will told you with examples of things I learned from my follow writers.

And these are-

  1. Second thing I learn from other writers- is their way or style of writing. Every writer have their own style of writing. Some have good style and some have bad and some writer write in average style. You can follow, which one you like and which have good readership results. Which article have good readership results? Those articles or books which are most popular are popular because of their good readership results.
  2. Third thing that I have learnt from other writers- is their way of formatting. Some writers format their articles in paragraph format and some in point wise format. And, some use mix of both formatting style or some have their own unique style of formatting articles by using different formatting options given in Microsoft word. So, you can use which ever style appeals most to your mind, whether paragraph or point wise or mix of both can create your own formatting style by using different formatting options.
  3. As, I said above, I would quote some examples of things that I learnt from my fellow writers on Here are those examples-
  • NutanKumarisinha- Things that I learnt from NutanKumarisinha’s article’s unique style of writing is the way NutanKumarisinha

    innovate Title of articles and format the article in point wise manner and that with good length of article.
  • Joeldgreat- in Joeldgreat’s article you would found variety of information. Yes, variety of information as Joeldgreat writes on different topics useful in day to day life. So, you can gain lot of information from Joeldgreat’s article and I have learnt lot of things with unique style of heading formatting Joeldgreat do.
  • Weathergeek- writes articles on weather information. So, you can gain information on and can learn different things related to weather of different countries from weather geek’s article.
  • Archit- has his own style of writing, in type of topic Archit writes on. Archit writes on astrological topics; so, you can learn various astrology related factual information from Archit’s articles.
  • Vpaulose- Vpaulose writes on Ayurvedic related topics. So, you have a huge scope to learn a lot of things related to Ayurvedic field and as well as about topics on which Vpaulose writes articles on.
  • Souvik1 and Ritsharma- writes on recreation and sports. Latest information on any sports you can learn from Souvik1 and Ritsharma’s articles.
  • Goldstay- Images Goldstay use in articles I personally like very much; so from Goldstay you can learn which images to use or how to use images in making articles more appealing.

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