Improvement Tips For Writers

In last article, I gave the health routine, which writers should follow. Today, I will give improvement tips, which can improve writing speed; as well as article rating speed, of your articles. These tips are polishing tips, which will sharpen your writing career; or in other words, will improve or polish your writing skills and will also improve rating of your article, in search engines.

So, what are these improvement tips, which writers should use to get their benefits? Well, these are as follow-

1) Note down creative ideas on paper-

Yes, note down, jot them down on paper; as soon as, they come in your mind. Keep a pen and paper, always with you; because creative ideas can come into mind any time. They are not limited to any time range, they can come in mind any time.

  • So always, keep a paper and pen with you; whether you are at home, or in your office or outside your home.
  • But, if you forget to keep a pen
    and paper in your purse, or wallet, while going outside; or your paper get finished up
    , then note down your creative ideas, in draft of your mobile phone and set them as remainder.

2) Note down creative sub points, you want to highlight in your article-

Yes, when you have noted down creative ideas, on a paper; after then, work you need to do is, to note down creative sub-points, for each creative idea; which you will be highlighting in your article.

  • Just simply take, a paper for each creative idea that you noted in creative idea list.
  • After that, note down creative idea, as article title and then, write creative sub-points for that, which you are going to highlight in your article.
  • Similar thing, do for other creative ideas; mentioning creative sub-points, for each creative idea; on separate paper sheets.                                                                                                                            

3) Set a writing target for a week, as well as for month-

Yes, after doing above work, next work that you have to do is; to set a writing target for a week, as well as for a month; that how many articles, you will be going to write in a month and a week.

  • Do distribution of article target work, for each week and each month of year. And, set this target, as remainder on your mobile. It will remind you, to complete your writing target, with in time limit.
  • And, when you will complete article writing target, with in time limit; with repeated practice, it will improve your writing speed.

4) Set an article

submission and article promotion target-

Yes, like I told you above in 3rd point, to set a writing target; in a similar way, set an article submission target and article promotion target. Because, what is use of writing those articles; if you did not submitted them on time and not promoted them on time.

  • Timely submission is necessary- to earn early and speedy earnings, from them.
  • And, timely article promotion is necessary- to keep earnings cycle rolling and to keep multiplication of earnings happening.

5) Set an article update target-

Yes, like timely article submission and article promotion is necessary; similarly, timely article update is necessary. Timely article update, is necessary because updated articles are crawled more by search engines; like longer articles are crawled more by search engines.

  • So, set an article update target for each month.

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    Really useful blog.

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    healthy and helpful quite well like to know more about how article update could be done

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