How A Writer Can Type Fast In Microsoft Word, Without Doing Any Typing Mistake?

Most often, when writers write their articles, in Microsoft word fastly; there happens, lot of typing mistakes. Some of these mistakes, are Literature mistakes, some are punctuation and some are formatting mistakes. When writer, try to type with slow speed; then no doubt; there happens less mistakes; but typing speed becomes slow. But, if a writer try, to type with fast speed; then happens, above typing mistakes.
How a Writer can Type Fast in Microsoft Word, without doing any Typing Mistake?
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Isn't there any solution, with which typing speed, does not become slow and also typing mistakes, can be avoided? Yes, there is solution, for this problem too; as there is solution for, increasing writing speed; which I had told in earlier articles.

1) Just keep typing, whether you had done typing mistake, during typing or not-

Yes, this habit you have to develop; if you want to avoid typing errors. The aim behind it, is to avoid more typing errors. But how, consistently typing without checking your typing mistake, can decrease typing errors?

  • Well, this it do, by decreasing time wastage; which happens
    from discouragement, on seeing typing mistakes. Yes, while typing article, if you stop in between and look at your typing mistakes; then you get discouraged from them and when you start typing again, after looking at those typing errors; then flashes of those typing mistakes, come in your mind, while typing article; which distract your mind, from the words you were typing from article piece and in this distraction, there happens more typing mistakes.
  • So, to avoid distraction from discouragement, on seeing typing errors; do not check them during typing article in micorsoft word. During typing session, just concentrate on typing work.

2) Do no look on, screen board of your device, while typing article-

Yes do not look on, screen board of your device, while typing article; if you want to increase your typing speed, not at cost of typing errors.

  • But how, looking on screen board of your device, can make you commit

    typing errors?
  • Well this, it do by distracting you and discouraging you.
  • How it discourage and distract you that I have told you above in 1st point.

3) Practice remembering, which keyboard button is where, on keyboard of your device-

Yes this practice, you need to develop as habit; to decrease typing errors, during typing article session. Now, you would say that this solution tip I have told you, in previous article to increase typing speed.

  • But this tip, not only increase your typing speed; but also decrease, your typing errors because sometimes some typing blunders happen, just because of matter that you punched, wrong keyboard button.
  • So practice remembering, location of each button of keyboard, you punch on keyboarded; to avoid hitting, wrong keyboard button because hitting wrong keyboard button of your keyboard, can cause lot of typing errors.

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