How To Write Well Formatted Article?

In last article, you were acknowledged about, "How to write quality full article"? Today, you will acknowledged about, "How to write well formatted article?" Yes, writing well formatted article require usage of special formatting skills.

But, what these special formatting skills are? And, how many of them are? Do not worry, be happy, because here comes all those special formatting skills which make your article a well formatted article and these special formatting skills are-

1) Number one- first formatting skill- which comes at top significance position among formatting skills while formatting your article, is that 1st of all highlight or mark important points of your article in bold letters. If you are formatting your article in paragraph format, these highlighted points should be those which give main message or main theme points of your article

on which your whole article story is based.

  • But, if you are formatting some of your article body content in heading format, then 2nd type of points you can mark in bold letters are main headings of article body.

2) Number second formatting skill- is just some what similar to 1st article formatting skill. And, this skill is that like you highlight main points or headings in first formatting skill; in 2nd formatting skill, that is, according to 2nd formatting skill,  highlight sub-headings of your article or underline them.

  • If you have not given any sub-headings in your article, then, highlight moderately important points of your article by underling them. Moderately important points are those which comes at 2nd position in important points of your article.

3) Number third formatting skill- is that, those points of your article which are less important than moderately important points; highlight them by marking or formatting them in italic alphabetic pattern.

  • You can also highlight sub-sub headings of your article in italic pattern, if your article contains sub-sub

    heading too.

4) Fourth formatting skill- In 1st paragraph of your article, give good or basic information acknowledging reader what main message of your article is; yes, write it right, what you want to convey through your article.

5) Fifth formatting tip- If you are formatting your article in paragraph format, then paragraph length of your article should be medium not too lengthy nor too small.

6) Sixth formatting skill- If you are giving your article in point wise format, then do numbering of those points or do select bullet sign formatting if you do not want to do-numbering formatting.

  • You can do bullet marking of sub-headings too. But, do not give whole article from beginning to end in point wise format. First, give brief introduction in paragraph format, then give this point wise formatting or bullet formatting.

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