How Sarswati Puja Is Related To Writing Profession?

Sarswati puja is, celebrated on 9th Navratri, that you all know. Most of you have heard that Sarswati Devi is Goddess of music. But, do you know that she is Goddess of Literature too?
How Sarswati Puja is related to Writing Profession?
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As, she is Goddess of Literature; students are instructed to pray to Goddess Sarswati; or, to be part of Sarswati puja for attaining good marks. But, is it only musicians or students; who should worship Sarswati Goddess? No, not only them; but, writers must worship her.

What connection Sarswati puja has with writing profession?

Well, that connection, you will automatically come to know; once you answer this question, “What Literature contains?” Literature contains, writing of various writers and it is literature, which writers study in their student life. So, every student, first learns literature and then write. So, now you got the

connection; which Sarswati puja has, with writing profession. Writing profession’s base, come from literature and so writers, should also do Sarswati puja; as they, also gain so much knowledge from literature; for their writing and their writing is also, one kind of literature. So, these are not only musicians, students; but writers should also worship Goddess Sarswati.

Well, I do not know in detail, how to do Sarswati puja traditionally; that a Pundit, can tell you better. But, I do know, some basic tips, which I have learned in my student life; writers can do them on daily basis, as form of respect, towards literature Goddess Sarswati-

  • 1st tip- is that, keep your books clean; as Literature is counted, one of the form of Goddess Sarswati. So, keep them clean.
  • Never throw your books in your feet, respect your literature books; from which, you are gaining so much

  • The pen and paper, which you use to write; or equipments you use to write, never throw them in your feet. Respect them, by keeping them, at their place and not throw them in your feet.
  • Well, if you do not know, how to do Sarswati puja; then, one basic ritual of Sarswati puja you can do, easily at home on 9th Navratri day; on which Sarswati Puja is done. And, that ritual is, to clean your all books and worship them, by lighting incense stick in front of them.
  • Also, on 9th Navratri day, not to do any reading or writing work. Let give, your Literature books and equipments 1 day rest and yourself too.
  • Wash your hands and feet before touching books, pen and paper. Never touch them, with dirty hands; or with food sticking in your hands.

So, you can give your homage/respect to Sarswati Goddess; by respecting and honoring Literature form of Goddess Sarswati; from which, you learn so much things, as writer and which you write to earn your living. So, respect Literature form of Goddess Sarswati; which you write to earn your living as writer.

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