How My Writing Style Evolves With Time?

Yes, it is true that everybody has some talent hidden in them. Sometimes, you know about it and sometimes you do not know about it. But, when you come to know, about your talent and work on it; then you will see with time, that it evolves with time.

Same is story of my writing style, which I have seen evolving with time. I started my writing career on 7th May, 2010; the 1st article I submitted on Triond on topic, “Rheumatoid Arthritis”. Triond was the first writing website, I joined. Today in 2014, I am writing on,,, and along with writing on Triond. I also write on my own 4 blogs- Health Blog, Homoeopathic Blog, Serial Movie Blog, and Decorative Vastu Tips Blog.

As, I said above, I have seen my writing style evolving with time; so, here comes, journey of how my writing style

evolves with time, from year 2010 to year 2014:-

  1. Like, I said above, in May 7, 2010; I submitted my first article on Triond. At that time, my writing style was fearful and exact paragraph; which mostly new comers have; yes, simple paragraph format.
  2. In November 2010, I joined Bukisa; then I started submitting my articles, both on Bukisa on Triond. It is then when I joined Bukisa in November 2010, I started experimenting with point wise format writing style; which I love to do in my articles. I loved point wise format very much; even in my student life, I love to write in point wise format. So, from November 2010, I started to write articles in point wise format; both on Triond and Bukisa. Bukisa was having some technical problems in December 2013; due to which I stopped writing there in year 2013.
  3. Then, after joining Bukisa in November 2010; in December 2010, I joined And, it then when I joined, my writing style evolves; because, there they ask for best formatted articles; along with being original. There, if you format article best; you get good cash credit for that. So, then from December 2010, my article writing style evolves from point wise format to formatting articles with bold headings, sub-heading, started underlining sub-headings in my articles.
  4. In 2010, I also joined There also my point wise format writing style continued; but sometimes, I used headings pattern in bold there and sometime not; though they too ask for nicely formatted article.
  5. In 2010, I also joined There I continued with mixed style; that is, sometimes with paragraph format and sometimes with point wise format and sometimes making heading bold.
  6. In 2010,

    I started my own Blog
    , “Health Blog”. The articles I publish there, was in point wise format; but short in length. But from 2012, I started writing long articles there.
  7. In year, 2011, I experimented with images in my articles on Triond; which I discontinued for time being in year 2012; but started to submit images again in year 2013 and continuing even in year 2014. Now, I started with images on my articles too in September 2014 and will continue with it in my future articles too.
  8. In year 2013, I started my 2nd Blog, named “Homeopathic Blog”. Articles I published on it are in point wise format and long in length. And, in year 2014; I started my own 3rd and 4th blogs named, “Serial Movie Blog” and “Decorative Vastu Tips”. The articles I publish till now there, are of mix formatting; some are in point wise, some in paragraph format, some short in length and some long in length.
  9. But, 1 thing was very common in my writing style from year 2010 to August 2014; and that was that I used the formats I explained above till August 2014. But, my writing style get polished formatting wise more in September 2014 Top writer contest of ExpertsColumn; in which the headings which I used, was not only bold in letters; but also larger in size (Heading size 1, 2 and 3 in online editor format). So, now I am continuing with polished writing style; using Headings in larger size (Heading size 1, 2, 3) and underlining sub-headings; using point wise format and bullet wise format and marking important points in bold letters and less important points in italics and using images in my articles.

So, this was my writing journey till now September 2014 from May 2010.

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