How Much Images Help In Making An Article Search Engine Optimized?

Today, I will talk about 1 such SEO tip; which not only make your article search engine optimized; but also, add quality to your article. Do you know, what this SEO tip is? Do you have, any clue about it? Well, if you do not have any clue about it; then do not worry, because today I will talk about this SEO tip.
How much Images Help in Making an Article Search Engine Optimized?
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And, that SEO tip is, “Add images to your article”. Yes, it is that SEO tip; regarding which I was asking you in teaser of this article. But question is, how an image and how much an image, contribute in making an article search engine optimized? And, how it contributes quality touch to your article? Well it, do both the work; by enriching your article with following qualities, which your article needs to contain to become search engine optimized article-

1. Contribute content to your article-

First thing required, to make an article or an article needs to contain; to be called

as search engine optimized article, is that it must contain quality content. And, adding image related to your article, in article; add quality content to your article.

  • Note here- image needs to be related to article; otherwise, it is of no use. It will help an article in becoming search engine optimized; only when, it is related to your article.

2. Helps in understanding, article text content more clearly-

If you add image related to text content of your article; then it helps in understanding article text content more clearly.

  • For example- if you are talking about something; with which reader is not familiar or have listened first time; then, if you add image of that thing in your article; regarding which you were talking in whole content of your article; then it becomes easy to understand article text content more clearly and it also becomes clear; regarding which thing, you were talking in your whole article.

3. Bring traffic-

Two SEO qualities I told you above; which adding image to your article augment to your article. But, do you know, adding image to your article; also brings traffic to your article?But question is, how it brings traffic to your article?

  • Well the answer to this- is that, when an image hunter searches for an image in search engine; then search

    engine suggests him or her, those images, whose name or keywords related to whom; he or she has entered in search engine. Now, if your article contains image related to that name or keyword; which he or she entered in search engine during their image search/hunt; then it will come in image results, suggested by search engine for that keyword or name.
  • And, when image hunter clicks on image which is present in your article; then it brings them to a page, which contains image present in your article, as well contain link to your article page; which contains this image.
  • When searcher clicks on article page link, on that page; then it brings them to your article page. And, tell me just, when an image hunter comes on your article page; then it brings what? Then, it brings traffic. So, this was answer to your query; how adding image to article brings traffic to your article.

4. Increased earnings-

Do you know, adding image to your article, also increase your pay per view earnings; from your article? But, how adding image to article increase article earnings?

  • Well this, it do by passing extra traffic to your article. What extra traffic do? It brings extra earnings and rise your article’s pay per view retributions.

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