Every Writer Has Peculiar Way Of, Wining The Writing Contest

In last article, I discussed the ways; writers responds to writing contests of ExpertsColumn.com. Today, I am going to discuss techniques, which different writers use; to win writing contests.

Yes, every writer has his or her own way; of winning the writing contest. Some use, some technique and some use, some other writing technique; to increase their writing speed. Every writer has, his or her own, contest winning strategy. The various contest wining techniques, which different writers use are:-

Some follow write–submit–write cycle–

Yes, some writers, write a set of article in a day and start another set of articles, only after submitting previous set of articles. Yes, to some writers; this write– submit–write cycle motivates. For some writers, this cycle acts as a motivational factor; to write more articles and

increase their writing speed.

  • They first write, a set of articles; some write 3 articles in a set, some 4 to 5 and some write set of 10 articles; then, they submit them, for publication and then start writing another set of articles, again.
  • Some do it, out of their habit; because if, they do not submit, previously written set of articles; then, they do not feel motivation, to write more articles and their writing speed decrease.

Some follow write–submit cycle –

This is second type of cycle, which some writers follow. Yes, this is secret winning technique, which some writes follow. They first, keep on writing as much as articles they can and only after, they have written all articles; then, they submit them for publication.

  • Yes initially, they use rabbit speed technique, write as much articles they can; but use tortoise speed

    technique, in submitting articles. Initially, in start of ExpertsColumn writing contest; they submit very few number of articles, with slow speed of tortoise.
  • But, once they have completed their writing target, they have set for themselves; then in end days of ExpertsColumn writing contest, they start submitting articles, with tortoise speed. In last 2-3 days of ExpertsColumn writing contest, they submit article with rabbit speed technique; but in starting days of ExpertsColumn writing contest, they submit article with slow speed of tortoise.

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