Correct Formatting Matter A Lot In Search Engine Optimization Of Article

In last article on “Quality Articles” Blog on; I told you, only 1 SEO tip. Next SEO tip, that is; 2nd SEO tip that I will explain in today’s article, is also that much important and useful; as much important and useful is 1st tip given in last article.
Correct Formatting matter a Lot in Search Engine Optimization of Article
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So, what is that 2nd SEO tip? That 2nd SEO tip is, “Correct formatting of article”. But, how correct formatting of article, help in search engine optimization of article? Well, how it do it; the reasons for that are explained below, one by one-

1) Make article more easily readable-

For any article to rank high in search engine optimization rank; first quality that article needs to contain, is that it must appeal to reader’s reading taste. And, for any article to appeal to reader’s reading taste, can be confirmed once reader reads it.

  • But, when your article is not correctly formatted; then
    it is difficult to read. For example- if you have not formatted your article in paragraph format and have given, whole article in form of giant paragraph; then tell me, do you yourself want to read that big oversize paragraph? That article, will be less readable by readers and they won’t read it.
  • And, tell me which article does not get read; how much ranking that got in search engines? It got lowest ranking in search engine optimization. So, tmake your article search engine optimized by correctly formatting it.

2) Improve appearance of your article-

Tell me, an article with a giant paragraph look better in appearance; or an article, with point wise formatting? Well you will definitely say, an article with point wise formatting look better in appearance. But, what better appearance of your article is to do with SEO?

  • Well, it is do with SEO; because it is those articles, which catch more attention of readers and they read those kind of articles more; which are easier to read. And articles, which have more readership; has good rank in search engine optimization, which I already told in 1st point of article.

3) Increase traffic to your articles-

In what way,

correct formatting of article increase traffic of article?
Well correct formatting of article, gives your article above 2 qualities; which I explained above in above 2 points. What return gifts, these 2 qualities gives? They bring more readers. Tell me, what thing increase related to your article’s increase; when more number of readers land on your article page?

  • Well traffic to your that article increase many times; when increased number of readers come to your article web-page. So, to increase traffic to your article; do not make it boring by not formatting it; instead, make it as much good correct formatting wise; as you can.

4) Increase in article earnings-

Increased earnings are that thing which a writer, when gets that; he or she is double happy, with feeling that article writing, which they started out of as their hobby; now giving him or her increased earnings return gift. But, how correctly formatting articles gives a writer increased earning?

  • Well answer to this is hidden in answer to question, "What increased traffic to an article gives?" It gives what? Well yes; boosted article earnings.

Do you know- How to Write Well Formatted Article?

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