6 Plus Points Of Blogging

Do you know, how many ways you can use blogging? Blogging is such much enjoyment full task. Do you know, for what purposes, you can use blogging platform?

Do you know, why blogging is preferred over a website? Why writers opt more for blog than creating a website? The reason for this is advantages of blogging. And, these advantages, ultimately become plus points of blogging. So, today we will discuss these advantages; that is, plus points of blogging, in today's article. And, these plus points of blogging are-

1. Self-expression-

1st plus point of blogging is that it can be used for self-expression; just like a website can be used for self-expression. And, not only, you can express your views in posts of blogs;

but readers or viewers of your blog, can also self-express themselves in, comment section given below posts.

2. Unique customized platform-

2nd advantage or plus point of blogging is that you can customize it, like you can customize your website. You are provided with different customize options, in template of blog that how you want your blog to look. Maximum customizing options, you can use in blog; to present your blog best.

3. Easy to handle than a website-

Yes, this is 3rd advantage or 3rd plus point of blogging is that it is much easier to handle than a website.

4. Easy to monetize than a website-

Yes, blog is easy to monetize than a website; just like, it is easy to handle than a website. It is easy to monetize because of unique, "Add HTML/JavaScript" gadget is provided in it. And, you can place it easily, where ever in home page of blog, you want to place or

where you like it to be placed. So, it is 4th advantage or plus point of blogging.

5. More gadgets available, to enhance customized look of blog-

Yes, this is the best plus point of blogging. It is because these more number of gadgets, which you get in blog; you do not get in a website. So, you have widened customizing horizon, with more number of customizing gadgets; to enhance customized look of your blog.

6. Unique blog for unique self-expression-

This is 6th plus point or you can say 6th advantage of blogging; that you can dedicate, each blog for unique self-expression and what is more advantage full in it, that you can manage your each blog, in single interface of blogger dashboard.

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