4 Ways Writers Respond To Experts Column Writing Contests

From April 2014, ExpertsColumn.com writing website; has been running, various writing contests. Some writing contests, were monthly writing contests and some were, weekly writing contests. Like writing website ExpertsColumn.com is motivating writers, to write more articles, through these writing contests; similarly writers, have shown their response; to ExpertsColumn.com writing contests.

Every writer has responded, differently and has shown following types, of writing reactions; to different ExpertsColumn writing contests.

Some write with full zest –

Yes, some take part in each writing contest, with full zest and leave hardly any one writing contest, without participation; only when, they got tired from exhausting work, they have done, in previous writing contests; to win those writing contests.

  • They give, their full devoting participation; as much as, they can give to each writing contest; by submitting maximum articles, till the writing contest ends. Yes they, try to submit, as much article they can submit; during whole contest.

start writing, on getting motivated from contests stats –

Whereas, there are some writers, who submit articles; to take part in writing contest; but does not show, full writing zest in contest. They submit articles with speed of 1 or 3 articles, on some days and on some days, they do not submit even a single article. But they, come in their full form, when they get motivated from contest stats; in which, when they see that somebody is just near to cross their writing position; in contests stats.

  • So, when somebody is near to cross their writing position, or they are somewhat near to cross somebody else’s contest stats; then they, get motivated to write more and more articles; and ultimately, come in their full writing zest, full form.

 But , some get de-motivated, from contests stats and submit very few articles –

Yes like, above category of writers, who submit maximum articles, by getting motivated from contests stats; there are also some other category of writers, who get de-motivated from  contests stats and submit very few articles.

  • Yes, from seeing, near wining contests stats of, top 3 or top 5 writers; they feel that they could

    not write, that much articles, in that span of time and submit very few articles.
  • They assume, that they cannot reach to winning contests stats; and does not show their full writing zest, in writing contest and take part partially in contest; by submitting very few articles, approximately 1, 2, 5 or 8.

Some go into, negative thinking phase and does not submit, even a single article –

Yes, there are some other category of writers; who go into negative thinking phase and think that, when they cannot win the writing contest; then what is, use of submitting articles in contest? So, they do not submit, not even a single article during whole writing contest.

  • But, in their negative thinking, they forget to think, positive that if, they won’t win the writing contest; that does not mean that the articles, they submitted during contests, won’t earn pay per view earnings.
  • Yes, they forget this positive thing that they are still eligible to earn pay per view earnings, from their submitted articles; whether they win contest or not.


Winner is who , who writes with full zest, till last minute of writing contest and leave result to God

 That leave it to God, who will win the contest and what will be wining stats on winner’s announcement day. You just do your work, of submitting maximum articles.

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  • spark187  31-12-2014

    I really don't get into the contests. I just concentrate on my submission and making them the best they can be.

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    I think that everyone puts their enthusiasm as each article is written represents a gain no matter if you win the contest or not, what matters is that each item is seen and this represents a gain, money to your Billera.
    Not only compete but to submit articles because each represents only be seen by a gain in money.

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